In this tutorial I will share the tips Using In-App Purchasing page. To create an In-App Purchase (IAP) product sign in to your account on with your Apple ID and password.

Click on “Manage Your Applications” module:

Click on icon of necessary application. Click on button “Manage In-App Purchases”:

To create a Non-consumable product click on button “Create New”

You can create 5 types of IAP products for your app:
– Consumable (products must be purchased each time the user needs that item), 
– Non-consumable (products are purchased only once by a particular user),
– Auto-renewable subscriptions (provide access to content or services during the duration of subscription),
– Free subscription (does not expire and can only be offered in Newsstand-enabled apps),
– Non-renewing subscriptions (for creating products with a limited duration).

Select type of IAP product:

When you register a product, you provide a name, description, and pricing for your product, as well as other metadata used by the App Store and your application. You identify a particular product using a unique string called a product identifier.

Add Language/ display name and description:

Clear product for Sale and specify Price Tier:

Upload a screenshot for the IAP product:

When creating an Auto renewable subscription IAP product you must also specify a Publication name and Duration of subscription:

When creating a free subscription IAP product it must also be Cleared for Sale.

You can view/manage your IAP products and create a Shared secret from the main window of In-App Purchases section:

A shared secret is a unique code that you should use when testig auto-renewable In-App Purchase subscriptions in the sandbox mode.

You will specify the shared secret in the settings of your app:
Go to app’s Dashboard/ App Settings/

iOS Settings section /PLATFORM SPECIFIC OPTIONS  settings:

In your app on you must create a link to the page with paid content and include in the link the identifier of the IAP product.

Select text and click on the tool for IAP links (toolbox):

Fill in all fields and insert link:

If you switch to HTML mode you will notice that the link contains the
buy:// custom scheme and the IAP product’s id:

<a href=”buy://com.mobiblocks.app4newsstand.item1:item1.html”>Buy/Open issue # 1</a>

You can also attach the IAP link to an image:

<a href=”buy://com.mobiblocks.app4newsstand.item1:item1.html”><img src=”issue1cover.png”</a>

IAP products can only be submitted with a new app version (when “In-App Purchases” section is editable):

After you select the IAP products they can be submitted for review together with the app: