To add a Login page to the resources of your app you can do the following: go to your app’s DashboardEdit Pages → + Add New Page. In the menu of all our page types select Login and click Create.

Login page editing options are available only to the designers of an app. So if you decide that users should be able to register their own accounts in your app, you will have to provide them their credentials, namely login and password.

To add a new user account to your app click on the + at the bottom of the list of all users. In the window just below provide login and password for the user as well as a target page of your app to which he or she will be redirected after successful logging in.

For example the picture above represents credentials of the user “Alex” who’s password is “p455w0rd”. He will be redirected to a page called Podcast.html which other users might not have a right to access.