Location Finder type pages serves for sorting locations that comply with the search criteria such as location name, type, distance from current location.

This type of page handles an XML source file containing data related to locations: name, latitude/longitude coordinates, type of location, target URL and description.

Editing is done in Edit Location Finder Page.

It is possible to preconfigure the output mode:

List – a list of locations (complying with the search criteria) will be displayed,

Map – locations will be marked by pins on map.

Output units can be set to either miles or km to measure distance from current location.

Location picker can be enabled/ disabled. If Picker is enabled users can pic a different location as starting point (instead of the current location).

The Find button can be renamed and header image changed.

The XML file used as input source can be either stored locally on device or can be pulled from a URL. If XML is stored locally file name will be “pagename.html.xml” (for instance locfinder2.html.xml). If XML file is stored remotely, specify URL.

To edit page elements clicking on Page button

The following tables will open:

Field Items (allows changing order), Item Properties and List Items (allows adding types of locations and distances):

To edit locations clicking on Edit: Locations button

The following tables will open:

Locations (allows adding new locations (+button) and

Location Details (allows customizing each particular location in your list)

Location are determined by Name, Latitude/Longitude coordinates, Type, Target URL and a brief description. Types of locations are determined in the List Items table when editing page elements (see above).

Additionally to name and coordinates each location can have a brief description, and a target URL (link to a page containing detailed info on this location):


The page should be tested on SC previewer app (The image in the web simulator has no clickable areas).

The page displayed on the device:

Tap on Choose button to choose type of location which will be used as criteria for filtering locations.

You can tap on Pick button to pick a location by using the map or inputing location’s name in the search field (…tap on Search):

and use this location as a starting point or use your current location.

Having specified criteria for search, tap on Find button:

the page will filter locations and will output a list of locations complying with your search criteria:

And finally to have the locations displayed on map tap the Show On Map button:

Sample XML:

01 <document>
02     <location>
03         <name>Paris</name>
04         <latitude>2.350987</latitude>
05         <longitude>48.856667</longitude>
06         <target></target>
07         <type>capital city</type>
08         <imageurl></imageurl>
10         <description>France</description>
11     </location>
12     <location>
13         <name>Moskow</name>
14         <latitude>55.755786</latitude>
15         <longitude>37.617633</longitude>
16         <target></target>
17         <type>capital city</type>
18         <imageurl></imageurl>
20         <description>Russia</description>
21     </location>
22     <location>
23         <name>Tokio</name>
24         <latitude>35.689488</latitude>
25         <longitude>139.691706</longitude>
26         <target></target>
27         <type>capital city</type>
28         <imageurl></imageurl>
30         <description>Japan</description>
31     </location>
32     <location>
33         <name>New York</name>
34         <latitude>40.714353</latitude>
35         <longitude>-74.005973</longitude>
36         <target></target>
37         <type>big city</type>
38         <imageurl></imageurl>
40         <description>US</description>
41     </location>
42     <location>
43         <name>Sydney</name>
44         <latitude>-33.868901</latitude>
45         <longitude>151.207091</longitude>
46         <target></target>
47         <type>city</type>
48         <imageurl></imageurl>
50         <description>Australia</description>
51     </location>
52 </document>