In this tutorial I will help you how you can make Karaoke Page for you app. We are glad to inform you that we have added a new native page type, karaoke, to the ones we currently have available.

Add a Karaoke page to your app in order to bring even more interactivity to it.

In order to do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below:

1) Access your app’s dashboard

2) Go to “Edit Pages”

3) Click on “+” / Add New Page and select Karaoke from the available list.

4) Click “Create” button to add the page to your app.

5) Now click “Edit” button next to the newly added karaoke page and begin designing it just the way you want it to look like.

Here are some tips upon how to operate with the Karaoke page type.

You may use the Tool Box on the left side of the page editor to customize its appearance by changing text fonts, color, adding images, etc.

Got to PAGE STYLE in order to change the background to a different color or add a background image.

In Properties section select the “Highlight” color, type in the title and select the audio file to be played.

When selecting the audio file, the Resource Manager will pop-up. Switch to Upload File tab -> Click on “Choose file” button and show the directory for the audio file. Once selected, click on “Upload” button and then “Choose”.

Now, you need to insert the lyrics. Click on “Edit karaoke” and copy/paste the lyrics in the pop-up window.

You may notice that next to each line there is the start up and end time frames criteria. By mentioning the exact time when the lyrics start will activate the highlighting of each line. Here you will need to spend some time to point out the timeframes correctly. Once ready, click on save button, in order to have the changes applied.

If finished editing the page, make sure to save all the changes here. Thus, click on “Save” button and then “Done”.