The below tutorial will bring you some basic tips on how to interact with the IMG Menu page type.

IMG MENU – displays a list of items with thumbnail images.

1) Go to your app’s dashboard and access the Edit Pages section.

2) Click on Add New Page button (plus “+” sign) and select the IMG Menu from the list.

3) Create the page and then click on “Edit” button right next to the page type.

Here you are able to start editing the IMG menu page by re-naming it, adding or removing the header/footer images. You may also change the number of items per row.

Add as many items you need and start customizing them.

Once an menu item/image is created you may add a .png file to it and show a target page/ Link-to page (it is a must for the item’s functionality).

Upload the images to the resource manager and use them for each menu item.

Once ready with editing the IMG menu page click “Save” button to save the changes.