Image List page type is a native page allowing to send a set of images via email. Images can be obtained from device Camera or Library.

To add an Image List page to your application go to its Dashboard → Edit Pages → + Add New Page. This will take you to a menu of all our page types:

When creating Image List page you can specify receiver email address.

The elements of the this page type are not customizable and the Image List can only be previewed on the device in the Seattle Clouds previewer app.

** NOTE: If no email address is specified in the field “Image list Properties”, end users will be able to specify their own email accounts before sending the email with attached images.

Image List page as seen on the device:

New image can be added to the list with the “+” button.

Select the source of Image:

1. Camera – Take a photo.

2. Library  –  Image from Device Memory.

Take a photo:

Now the Image is in the List:

To send images press “Send” button.