Bump Ticket page type is based on Bump™ technology which helps us mimic near field communication functionality for device that don’t support NFC. With the Bump Ticket page type you can allow users of your app to check-in locations and events you have organized for them. This can be achieved by either customer self service or by bumping devices with a sales person.

The process of setting up a Bump Ticket page is simple: all you need to do is provide an event name, description and image. There are no restrictions for artwork at the moment but the best practice is to choose a 200 by 200 pixels or more .png file.

Unique event ID which can be found on top of the setup input fields is generated atomically and is used to connect customers and sellers devices across all of the supported range of devices. In such a way a seller can use an Android device or an iPhone while customers can bump their iPads or Kindle Fires. Seller and customer should tap on the “Bump” button simultaneously and bump their devices. This will activate customer’s ticket.

Seller mode enables device holder to check-in client’s tickets. It is important for the seller and the client to be on the same pages at the moment of bump if your app features multiple Bump Ticket pages.

Using self-service custom will get the same final result as bumping devices with seller. A copy and paste of the redeem code into prompt will change ticket status to “Ready to Use”. It remains up to you as a seller to very ticket statuses of your event attendees upon entry.